An idea whose time has come and gone: Dumb Starbucks Is Shut Down.

An idea whose time has come and gone: Dumb Starbucks Is Shut Down…“but for the least interesting reason possible.”

The trademark parody defense (note that copyright law wasn’t quite the issue here) remains a rather undeveloped area of the law.  And this stunt simply wasn’t shaping up into something that could make a good case for itself as a trademark dilution or trademark infringement parody:

We can at least be grateful this publicity stunt didn’t make its way through the court system, where it could have generated some bad precedent with its disingenuous take on fair use.

More at the link.  To sum up, it was poorly conceived, as if the term ‘parody’ were some sort of magic word that would make everything OK by merely invoking it.  And that’s just, well, dumb.


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